Angelo Iacono
Angelo Iacono
Member of Parliament for Alfred-Pellan
Statement by the Prime Minister on the Speech from the Throne
Statement by the Prime Minister on the death of the Honourable Josée Forest-Niesing
Statement by the Prime Minister on National Child Day
Statement by the Prime Minister on the anniversary of the birth of Guru Nanak Dev Ji
About Angelo Iacono
Husband and father, Angelo Iacono is committed and invested in his community locally as well as in Ottawa. Elected member of Parliament for Alfred-Pellan in October 2015 for the first time, his constituents renewed their confidence in him, re-electing him in 2019.

Lawyer by profession, politician by vocation and a humanist by conviction, Angelo Iacono is a determined, passionate man with a strong professional background. After studying political science at McGill University, Angelo went on to study civil law at UQAM and completed a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Ottawa. His openness to the world led him in search of new horizons, and he obtained a certificate from the European Union and its institutions, as well as a certificate in European community law from the faculty of law of Lyon, in France.

Angelo Iacono is a staunch defender of Canadian values and has been actively involved in politics since his teens, striving to humanize politics. Being the result of a blend of Canadian and Italian cultures, he has been invested in his community since a young age. We can sense this desire to make a difference is still visible today in Alfred-Pellan, where it is common to meet him at community organizations, walks, neighborhood festivals or fundraisers.

To this date, he shares this spirit of service and mutual aid is with the youth of his Alfred-Pellan constituency.

The pursuit of a better future for the generations to come – that is the vision that his working-class parents engraved in his modus operandi. Angelo Iacono perseveres in serving his constituents and continues his efforts to generate wealth in Alfred-Pellan.

Since coming into office as the M.P. for Alfred-Pellan, federal funding in the riding has increased exponentially, as has the number of beneficiaries. Angelo Iacono makes every effort to introduce federal resources to the people of Alfred-Pellan, but also to support businesses, organizations and services for the citizens of his riding. The progress made is a source of motivation for Angelo Iacono, who is revising his objectives upward for his second mandate particularly in terms of diversification and increase of federal grants to strengthen organizations and services for citizens in his riding. The M.P. sets an objective to provide more and more entrepreneurs with the support they need from the federal government.

With many constituents, organizations and businesses contacting his office to learn more about federal resources, Angelo Iacono listens to local stakeholders and guides them towards the best resources available. Hence those efforts will continue to ensure a tight-knit community in Alfred-Pellan.
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